Beauty Blogs Reviews are Great Sources for Beauty Tips
Nowadays, the beauty industry has grown so fast and is given attention unlike in the past, that just like fashion, it is growing quickly and has trends that change so quickly like a flash of lightning. A person does not have to be a part of the beauty industry to know what is going on in this industry, or to get the latest beauty tips and learn new products, or to discuss about the latest trends. Know that there are now insiders in the industry all over the globe, that with the help of the internet, can now share tips, information, news and reviews about makeup through a medium called beauty blogs. 

Let us therefore present some of the popular beauty blogs that you can read or see what they offer, or if you just want to look for a beauty blog to follow. 

The first beauty blog to mention is one that can offer something for everyone, with product reviews of various brands, and the blog contains video tutorials too. It has a list that contains a database of very near identical colors, enabling the readers to find a product that looks the same, or find an alternative of a  higher end product that is priced affordably. With the blogger who has good tastes in color, the blog has honest reviews on the product, pigmentation, texture, appearance, longevity and application.

There is another beauty and styling blog that focuses on fashion, beauty, home and life, thereby making this blog more than just about makeup, and also has a section that combines reviews of makeup, cleansers, lotions and other products about face and body. The reviews in this blog are short but would highlight every day new products, and the site is emphasizing on value and price points of brands. 

Led by two beauty junkies coming from the West and East coasts, this next beauty blog highlights news in the beauty industry and also give product reviews. This blog features makeup sales, beauty charity events and combine site reviews with interviews, thus the site is diverse and robust, making famous media noticing it. 

Then you have a beauty blog that is simply named as such, and the blogger is a fanatic fan of a certain brand which she focuses on writing about, although other famous brands would have product reviews too in some highlighted articles. 

The next beauty blog faces the realm of basically high end fashion and beauty.

The next beauty blog focuses more on articles about beauty and tips rather product reviews, and focusing also on new styles of celebrities.